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Our Clients Say It Best!

  • ethosmusic

    Feeling Great to stay on top of my field. Especially the 1 on 1 Mentoring sessions with the professional Eifnox Growth Provided me. Highly recommended!

    Eric Thompson
    Reached 5K super fast
  • manali

    Cheapest Rates for a top class service is what i felt. The amount which i pay is easily made back through the immense amount of work done by the professionals. Thanks so much!

    Manali Panwar
    From 300 to 13,000 followers in 3.5 months
  • Faheem

    Thanks Eifnox Growth for helping us expand our business in fields that were unimaginable, the potential with social media is Huge. I've easily made back the money I invested through shoutouts.

    Faheem Khan
    165,000+ targeted followers
  • malika mah

    Thumbs Up, their service is magnificent, quick organic for any personal brand. Totally recommended this to anyone who wants to take their personal branding account to the next level. 10/10

    Malika Mahat
    90K+ FANS in less than 6 months!
  • Youtuber

    Francis grew his Instagram account from 238 followers to 3,500+ followers now. He is a Youtuber and publishes some quality content to his channel. Getting social media together while making content is a hassle and it caused him to be behind sometimes on his release, so he joined EifnoxGrowth.

    As you can see, we did our best to lift him up on Instagram via several strategies. Francis would NEVER regret his decision joining EifnoxGrowth, and that's what we want. He's super happy being a part of Eifnox Growth! ❤


    3.5K + Instagram followers in 2 months
  • Quotes Page

    With Midnight Authors Manali realized she was not getting good growth. She had over 80 posts in her account but was suffering from low followers and engagements. She had 319 followers when she came to us. Our ULTIMATE plan which has a huge growth rate helped her grow real fast. 

    She touched 13,000 followers (YES, THIRTEEN THOUSAND) followers in 3 and a half month! Her account brings over 100K+ impressions every month. 

    She started getting requests for SHOUTOUTS. That's an easy way to make money via Instagram. Her journey doesn't end here! She started 3 more accounts on this niche and handed us for the backend work. 

    Quotes Page
  • Musician

    Eric is a musician from the US. He is a music creator and produces some phenomenal music.  Beginning to compose music in 2017, genre is no restriction for Thompson; he rather aims for a feeling

    When he came to us, our management team had an audit of his IG account. It's his quality music content which made him a perfect fit for our services. We helped him grow from a couple hundred followers to 4.5K+ followers in just a period of 3 months

    His music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube & Amazon Music. His IG definitely helps him get laser targeted audience to follow his music in different platforms.


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                 ✓ 25 high quality posts

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                 ✓ WhatsApp Group Support

                 ✓ Creative captions

                ✓ Hashtag research




                  ✓ 30 high quality posts

                 ✓ Accelerated Organic Growth

                 ✓ Personal Account Manager

                 ✓ WhatsApp Group Support

                 ✓ Targeted audience

                 ✓ Blueprint to 5K followers

                ✓ Creative Captions

                ✓ Hashtag Research

                ✓ Instagram Ads




                 ✓  50+ high quality posts/stories

                 ✓  Accelerated Organic Growth

                 ✓ Personal Account Manager

                 ✓ Real audience

                 ✓ Blueprint to 10K followers

                 ✓ Business Consultancy

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                 ✓ 8x Engagement

                ✓ WhatsApp Group Support

                ✓ Hashtag Research

                ✓  Creative Captions

                ✓ Instagram Ads* – $100 credit

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