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100% REAL, targeted and engaging followers.

Business Growth

Real Instagram Growth with Targeted and Engaging Followers. Get followers that are actually interested in your content and/or your brand and services.


100% Safe

Real people who engage with you. Who follow you by their own choice. No bots. No automation. Your account remains 100% safe.



Followers that interact with you – that turn to paying customers – that get you what you need to become a mega influencer.


The Campaign

A solid and extensive marketing campaign that funnels traffic to your profile. As simple as that. The aim of this service is to get your profile out there in front of people who’re located under your business realms via marketing within and outside Instagram.

We will develop a lot of fan page accounts, make placements of your brand/profile on existing Instagram accounts and funnel traffic to your profile via media and blog sites – all of this will get thousands of viewers to your profile leading to followers that choose to follow you based on your content and not to just get a follow-back. No more buying engagement. No more hustling hours in engagement pods. Just pure real followers that love your venture for what it is! 

Instagram Growth For Business Owners

What You Get

Real people that follow you for YOU.

In this growth service – every follower you gain is a follower you have earned based on your content and your Instagram journey. If you are a business – you get potential clients, if you’re an influencer and you want to improve your presence – this is your best bet – it gets you popular.

Artists, e-commerce, and drop shipping stores get targeted audience for their services / products. With influencer industry worth billions and growing – influencers are to gain the most with this service – they get an audience that engages, interacts and listens.

Terms To Be Followed

Term 1

You must commit to post on your account at least once every two days including stories if possible. Live and IGTV videos are highly preferred. We will provide you with hashtag research report too – and you must commit to use a minimum of 10 hashtags from our report during this process.


  • Instagram Growth For Business Owners

    Thanks Plentific for helping us stay on top of a very stressful process! Finally exchanged and looking forward to complete.

    Hendry Bradshaw
  • Instagram Growth For Business Owners

    Great to stay on top of the process. Especially liked to play with the financial section when viewing properties. Highly recommended!

    Andree Shorter
  • Instagram Growth For Business Owners

    Just started flat hunting. Your affordability calculator saved me some serious time to focus on what I can actually buy. Thanks so much.

    Sofia Gerald
  • Instagram Growth For Business Owners

    Thumbs Up, their service is magnificent, quick solution for top enterprise. Totally recommended App for your business

    Chintya Abee
    Total Solution


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  • Service is only for businesses, influencers and bloggers. If you are in any other category we cannot deliver this service for your account at the moment. Account niches not suitable for this service include – adult, CPA, gambling, fake viral, copy paste accounts.

  • Yes, we need it for branding purposes. With organic growth, we do not touch your account privacy in any way. We do not send you followers or likes or any special engagement service. All marketing happens outside of your account. Be it shoutouts, articles, fan pages – its all outside of your account.

  • With this service, the followers are a hundred percent real. As such, there is no automation or timed method by which we will get you the followers. Promotion, marketing, fan pages, shoutouts, articles – you name it. We will perform a 360 degree suite of activities to get you popular. Its the same as done by celebrities and large corporations.

  • Yes and no. Yes – meaning that these people that will follow you will do it out of their own choice. We cannot force anyone to follow or unfollow you. So – the followers that you will get will be ones that really care about your content. No – these cannot be targeted by a specific gender or geography. As mentioned, this is marketing and promotion – we cannot control all aspects of it.

  • People that feel the need to follow you, will follow you. As mentioned, this is not an automated bot service wherein we can give you exact details on what followers will look like, where they will be from and what gender they will be. Promotion and marketing will get you those that are interested in you. Definitely majority will be relative to your niche. And certainly you will a handful of useless followers that you do not like – that is natural.

  • Definitely. They will follow you out of their own wish and they will definitely engage with you. How much and many people engage is again dependent on a lot of factors. Regardless – you will definitely get a major bump in real engagement from your followers. Real people will definitely like and comment on your posts.

  • You must at a minimum commit to 3 months of this service. Reason being- once a campaign is a setup – the growth will increase at an increasing rate. If you’ve opted for Tera Influencer package – the first month will get you ~30,000 followers but next month may get you ~50,000 followers. Although you must commit to a minimum of 3 months – it is highly advised to continue with this service for up to 6 months to get the most out of it.

  • With this service there won’t be any discounts and prices maybe raised due to highly limited availability. Investment in this service gets you real followers that engage and interact with you and turn to potential customers. As a client you will always get the rate for renewal that you got at the time of your purchase even if prices are later increased. Purchasing growth rids you of buying engagement on a day to day basis and spending countless hours in pods. You just get to focus on building partnerships, getting business and living life. We do the rest.


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Instagram Growth For Business Owners
Instagram Growth For Business Owners
Instagram Growth For Business Owners
Instagram Growth For Business Owners
Instagram Growth For Business Owners
Instagram Growth For Business Owners


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Instagram Growth For Business Owners


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